Marco Stefanelli’s handsome collection of Brecce lamps combine high-tech LED lights and scraps of wood to make a beautiful way to accent a space. The pieces are made from salvaged wood scraps sourced from a lumber mill, a local river, and even the firewood pile. The magic comes with the addition of low-energy LEDs embedded behind a layer of resin.

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Marco Stefanelli’s hybrid creations combine art, furniture design and accent lighting. They are made by removing a section of wood from a log and then delicately embedding LEDs and wires within it. The negative space is then carefully filled in with resins. The soft light cast by the irregular strips of embedded LEDs has a calming and surprisingly natural effect. Placed outside, the quality of light is magical.

The larger pieces work as simple seats or stools, adding to their usefulness. Although not practical for direct lighting, the Brecce Collection can really define space in a room, acting like a beacon. The low power use and the fact that the raw material was found make for a surprisingly refined object that is equally low impact. Stefanelli summarizes it more eloquently, saying: “In these objects, I try to give a second chance, pulling out the light from matter and amplifying the sensory experience.”

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