Designed for a hotel chain in Cape Town, South Africa, the Cantilever Light by UK-based designer and architect Dr. Margot Krasojevic looks unlike any lamp that we have come across. The tube-like structure is comprised of a 5V LED strip housed in a tempered glass casing, which is balanced on a brass tube frame, offering a counterweight to stabilize the cantilever projection.

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Minimal thought it may seem to appear, the Cantilever light has some interesting green features. The brass plate serves as more than just a support – it helps diffuse the LED light across its section. The tempered glass tube has a mirrored strip which acts as a reflector to disperce the LED light. Another curious detail is the intricate sleeve, which covers the glass tube, and can be rotated around it to focus the light and create different lighting effects.

+ Margot Krasojevic