Maria Yee has been making big strides in contemporary green furniture design. While not the most cutting edge conceptually, the Santa Cruz designer does make eco minded, heirloom quality furniture that you can purchase for your home without totally breaking the bank. And that, dear readers, is a major accomplishment. Stylistically, her work is often an asian inspired modern mix of casegoods, beds, and now upholstery items. (Disclosure: I have one of her Shinto side tables in my living room and absolutely love it).

Maria Yee BambooTimbre Furniture

Her innovative manufacturing techniques and materials are what are so groundbreaking. Most of the furniture is made from BambooTimbre, proprietary solid bamboo specially developed for furniture manufacturing. To that she has added a new twist, BambooJoinery, an application of traditional Chinese joinery techniques to her new material that allows her to eschew the use of nails in her furniture. Seal it all together with glue that meets E1 standards, and you have quite a compelling product line.

+ Maria Yee