A luminous sail-shaped skyscraper is nearing completion in Singapore, proving that there’s always room to grow despite the constraints of urban density. Designed by NBBJ Architects, The Sail @ Marina Bay consists of two smoothy sculpted skyscrapers inspired by the sun, wind, and water. Due for completion later this year, the project is expected to earn Singapore’s Gold Standard of Sustainability badge.

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Singapore is striving to establish itself as a destination city for those who are interested living, working, and playing. The city recently moved its main port to Jurong, opening up new land ripe for development in the Marina Bay area of its Central Business District.

The Sail @ Marina Bay will be a mixed-use building that includes restaurants, health clubs, recreation decks with pools and tennis courts and parking all to service some of the loftiest apartments in the world. The residential units in the Sail will be the first to be built in the area, and will add density while hopefully eliminating the need to produce any carbon emissions on the way to work in the morning.

+ NBBJ Architects

+ The Sail at Marina Bay

Lead photo by Tim Griffith. Additional renderings provided by NBBJ.

Via World Architecture News