Mark Baez’s MCube is an amazing custom-built modular house in Venice that can be endlessly reconfigured – and it just hit the market for a cool $5,950,000. The home is made from 10-foot cubic modules that can be moved around to change the floor plan, and its translucent skin fills the interior with copious amounts of natural light so there’s almost no need for electric lighting during the day. To top it all off, this modular Rubik’s cube home takes advantage of solar hot water and photovoltaic systems – let the bidding begin!

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The MCube design was inspired by the Japanese shoji screen concept and is based upon a 10-foot modular cubes stacked together to create the larger structure. The project is split into three structures, one for each residence, with an open floor plan layout on two floors. Elevated off the ground floor, this leaves space for parking and a shared yard space built with permeable pavers and grass. The prefabricated panels were constructed with insulated fiberglass and aluminum and allow daylight to filter in, but still maintain a modicum of privacy. There is the added bonus that residents don’t have to shell out for window treatments.

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Residents can configure their interior space as they see fit by moving fiberglass panels that fit into tracks in the ceiling. However the kitchen and bathrooms must remain in place because of their plumbing needs. Up on the roof are both solar hot water and photovoltaic panels to provide warm water for the radiant floors and electricity. Windows can easily be pushed open for more ventilation, which is made possible by the project’s oceanside location in Venice.

The MCube is now for sale and is listed at $5,950,000 and is perfect for a family who loves industrial, loft, minimalism and wants to rent out the other two residences. In total there is 4,920 square feet of living space, with six bedrooms and six bathrooms in all. See the listing here at

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