Taking a well known fossil fuel based roadster into the electric age is a certainly a worthy undertaking for any car manufacturer. But doing it yourself? That really grabs our attention. Mark Clifford from the Utah EV Interest Group has slowly but surely been converting a Porsche 911 into an electric supervehicle. Why go through all the trouble? Because it’s a Porsche!

For the past few months we’ve been following Wired’s Matthew Redd’s attempt to convert his 1967 Beetle to electric power. The challenges that he faces on a tiny budget have piqued our interest as to what the results will be. So when we saw his latest post on Mark Clifford’s Porsche conversion, well, we knew we had to share it with you. Matthew met with Mark at the latest meeting of the Utah EV interest group and got a chance to look at Mark’s vehicle conversion there. So far Mark has spent around $18,000 to get a new motor, a motor controller and a bunch of batteries. According to Matthew, this will give the vehicle a range of around 30 miles and a very decent 178 horsepower.

Matthew’s been facing some tough challenges, including a very limited budget. We are sure that getting some inspiration and advice from others will push him to finish his endeavour. For more details on his electric beetle conversion, and Mark’s Porsche, head over to Wired. And don’t forget to tell them we said hi.

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Via Wired