US artist Mark Langan has created an intricate set of company logos out of recycled cardboard to help businesses communicate their sustainable values. Langan’s day-to-day job consists of searching around his neighbour for the recycled, recyclable material and bringing tons of it to his Ohio studio for an afternoon of sorting, cutting, shredding and gluing. Although we’re wary of companies using Langan’s work to greenwash their business, there’s no denying the beauty of these pieces, which contribute to the recycling of the most recycled packaging material on Earth.

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Langan creates recycled art for Kellogg’s, Corrugated Service Inc., and The Green Dream, amongst other companies and organizations. He doesn’t use computers to sketch the work – just paper and a pencil. After carefully shredding, cutting and creating layers of the material, he sticks his art together with a water-based glue, making the most from recycled cardboard’s beautiful grooves and textures.

+ Mark Langan

Photo © Mark Langan