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Visually, the installation resembles both a forest and fowl. It symbolizes growth through knowledge and is designed as a fresh interpretation of the Griffin sculptures which can often be seen at the entrances of civic buildings throughout the country. It took ten days and a team of five people to build the piece, which is currently on display in the Eastman Reading Garden of the Cleveland Public Library.

The installation is 13 feet (3.35 meters) high and 36 feet (11 meters) wide. It is comprised of 10,000 boards, held in place by wooden armature, steel cables and around 40,000 nails. The boards were locally sourced through Cleveland industrial and manufacturing sources. Around 4,000 boards were kept in a raw and weathered condition, while 6,000 were painted gold. The exterior of the installation is made of a combination of gold and raw pieces, while the interior is completely painted gold.

+ Mark Reigelman

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