Actor and eco-champion Mark Ruffalo has been busy organizing people in the entertainment industry to pressure California Governor Jerry Brown – the so-called “most drill-friendly governor” in the country – to get tough on environmental issues in the state. Ruffalo recently founded Hollywood United for a Healthy California, a campaign lead by the entertainment industry to fight oil and gas exploration in the state, in solidarity with the Guardian’s #KeepItInTheGround campaign. As the movement gains support, the actor is focusing his attention on Los Angeles, which he says is ‘the biggest urban oil field in the world.’

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In an effort to educate and inspire his fellow Hollywood types, Ruffalo took them—a whole bus full—on a ‘toxic tour’ of LA’s oil fields, which many residents say are polluting their communities with toxic fumes. On Feb 26, Leonardo DiCaprio, writer/producer Norman Lear, Rashida Jones, Diane Kruger, Revenant producer Mary Parent, and other industry folks rode around the city while Ruffalo pointed out the sites and explained their impact on public health and the environment.

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Despite California’s ‘green’ reputation, Ruffalo says the governor has failed to live up to his self-awarded title of climate change hero. From the actor’s perspective, it’s quite the opposite. “This governor is adding 300 new wells a month to California’s drilling,” Ruffalo said on the tour, as GOOD reports. “He is the most drilling-friendly governor in the United States at this moment.”

Ruffalo is a huge proponent of using clean, renewable energy—mostly in the form of wind and solar power—to replace harmful fossil fuels. He also works closely with 100%, a campaign aimed at reducing fossil fuel reliance around the globe in hopes of eventually powering the world with 100-percent clean energy.

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