We can’t believe it’s not marmalade! What looks like a delicious jar of jam is actually a curious little light designed by Semiki Studio. The cleverly-named Marmeled is simple lighting option that sets a bright LED within a jar full of stained gel. Playing on the transparency and air bubbles of the colored gel, the resulting effect is a bright burst of refracted light able to provide some ambient illumination to any dark room.

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The lamp is the product of Semiki Studio’s ongoing experiments with new materials and user experience. If you look carefully at the design, there is no switch – not even a twist! All you have to do to activate the Marmeled is flip the jar upside down and viola! Although the product is labeled with some startling words of caution: The product is not edible. Do not swallow. In case of ingestion contact a doctor immediately; if you’re one who’s good at following directions, then you’ll have nothing to fear. This little lamp could be the perfect way to fill those empty shelves with something that’s both a bit green and a bit funky.

+ Semiki Studio

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