With a focus on minimal site impact and environmental protection, the Darwin Bucky project sets a standard for sustainable modular architecture. 

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A geometric domed structure with lights running up it

Developed by andblack Design Studio for Darwin Live Light, Darwin Bucky is a black box that can be used as a temporary or long-term building for exhibitions, theater productions, seminars, restaurants and many other events. There are several standout features of the Darwin Bucky, starting with the fact that it’s a removable and reusable structure. This ensures a soft footprint to protect the ecosystem and avoid excess waste after use.

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An interior of a domed structure with hanging banners surrounding the circular ceiling

The Darwin Bucky encapsulates sustainable and efficient attributes. Through computer-modeled manufacturing processes, the structures can be fabricated anywhere in the world, significantly reducing transportation costs associated with other prefabricated buildings. Additionally, the flat-packed design enables easy transportation and quick assembly on-site, eliminating the need for a plinth or foundation. 

A restaurant underneath a domed ceiling with a circular cutout at the top

The Darwin Bucky draws inspiration from Buckminster Fuller’s Geodesic dome. This innovative structure features laser-cut, folded metal sheets bolted together to create an insulated, column-free and air-conditioned space. Available in two sizes, the Bucky can be customized and combined to create versatile clusters suitable for various purposes.

An interior of a domed structure with people laid out on mats with the ceiling opened in a circular cutout

Darwin Bucky’s design philosophy aligns with the concept of cohabitation with nature, rather than inhabiting it. The use of legacy materials like steel, wood, aluminum and glass ensures durability and cost-effectiveness comparable to conventional buildings, while optimizing the use of steel to achieve material efficiency. The conical shape and triangulated planes on the fascia contribute to excellent acoustics, while lightweight, insulated modular panels ensure energy efficiency. The structure’s spacious volume and unique aesthetics create a unique and engaging spatial experience for occupants.

Three geometric domed structures in front of a palace

Lastly, the Darwin Bucky project goes beyond architecture by fostering community engagement and artistic expression. Through collaborations with local craftsmen and artists, the structure becomes an interactive space for cultural events and exhibitions. Paintings using the traditional “Gond” technique, featuring mythological characters as a commentary on society, adorn the outer surface, infusing the project with a rich sense of local heritage and storytelling.

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Images via Vinay Panjwani and Darwin Projects