Traveling to work in an old airplane shell powered by renewable energy sound little bonkers to you? Ben Missler from Mass Tram America thinks not, and has applied such principles to the design of a new and very green large-scale transportation system. Instead of your typical mass transit system, he has proposed one which runs entirely on renewable resources, and uses decommissioned airplane fuselages as Tram cars. A lofty goal indeed, but Missler claims it could all be built today with off the shelf technology.

The Mass Tram system is an elevated monorail system that gets its power entirely from renewables. The Tram car, which is being constructed from two decommissioned and stripped down airplane fuselages are attached to the rail system by a permanent motorized wheel. Every 300 or so meters, A support tower is erected to hold the cable in place. Such towers would also be equipped with solar panels and/or wind turbines, which would provide power to the system.

Re-examining mass transit systems is probably going to be one of the main ways by which we can reduce our global carbon emissions, thus improving both our lifestyle and the planet. If this proposal is successful in terms of reducing carbon emissions, and can do so in a manner which is more efficient and as economical as other large mass transport systems, we will all be better for it. Mass Tram expects to have a working prototype in three years.

+Mass Tram America

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