Each year the Pennsylvania Farm Show unveils a series of giant butter sculptures, and this year the mother of them all was revealed – a 1,000 pound piece of butter art. The sculpture depicts a 4-H member receiving a ribbon for a prized calf at the county fair. When the show is over, the sculpture’s creator Jim Victor of Conshohocken, Montgomery County will donate all 1,000 pounds of it to the Juniata County Dairy Farm, which will place it in a methane digester to generate 65 kilowatt-hours of electricity to run the farm.

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It’s certainly frivolous to carve a sculpture out of 1,000 pounds of butter, but at least it won’t be going to waste. The butter sculpture was sponsored by Mid-Atlantic Dairy Association and the Pennsylvania Dairy Promotion Program and it was crafted from butter from Land O’Lakes in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. “Pennsylvania has a rich agricultural tradition and this sculpture pays tribute to the root of the industry — our young people and the educational programs and county fairs that give them opportunities to grow and learn,” said Pennsylvania Lt. Governor Jim Cowley at the unveiling of the sculpture.

Though we’re skeptical of the necessity to turn all that useful butter into a sculpture, it is nice to know it won’t be going to waste after it is done being admired by the thousands of spectators at the Pennsylvania Farm Show. Not only is the sculpture shining a light on young farmers but it is teaching the visitors at the show that energy can come from any number of sources, even the butter you spread on your toast in the morning. Juniata County dairy farm has a digester on site that will turn the butter into biofuel that will be used for electricity to power their operations. The butter will make enough electricity to power the entire farm for three days.

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