The architects behind South Korea’s new eco dome have hatched another stunning project that plants a 131 acre green roof in the heart of Seoul. Designed by Samoo Architects & Engineers, the plan renovates the run-down Garak Wholesale Market with an eco-upgrade topped with a sprawling public garden.

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Residents in the areas surrounding the Garak Wholesale Market currently complain of traffic congestion and unfortunate produce odors created by the center’s poor layout. Samoo Architects & Engineers’ plan rethinks the commercial center from the ground up, including energy-saving features and topping it all off with a lush green roof.

The architects propose a redesigned market that features better connectivity for delivery of produce and isolates certain adverse smells (the kimchi and pickled goods stands will be relegated to the basement). Three market pavilions feature “ecotubes” that penetrate through the market’s stories to channel daylight and ventilation to the lower levels. Up top, the green roof features promenades and a large public park that mitigates rainwater runoff, insulates the interior spaces, and infuses Seoul’s city center with a breath of fresh air.

+ Samoo Architects & Engineers

Via World Architecture News