Although there are 50 massive wildfires raging in the US right now, the so-called Rim Fire in California is perhaps of greatest concern. Yesterday the fire nearly quadrupled in size and has only been contained 1-percent by firefighters. But worst of all, the fire has reached the border of the stunning Yosemite park, prompting evacuations of homes and recreational areas from the ecologically sensitive region.

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The Rim Fire, named after the popular Rim of the World lookout point, is the fastest growing fire in the country right now. Over 2,500 homes have received evacuation advisories and recreational areas within the park and neighboring Stanislaus National Forest have been evacuated. Officials have even had to close one of the highways into the park because of the fire. Nearly 4 million people visit the park a year to visit the stunning waterfalls, dome rock formations and sequoia groves.

Part of the problem is that the fire is burning in an area with extremely remote and rugged terrain, which makes it hard for firefighters to travel and use supplies in the area. Currently there are 1,360 firefighters battling the blaze, with reinforcements on the way. Governor Jerry Brown has declared a state of emergency in the area. Currently the fire has spread to over 63,000 acres. Scientists predict that as the planet continues to warm, massive wildfires of this nature will become more and more common, threatening precious natural areas like Yosemite Park.

via Reuters

images from Steve Ryan and the California National Guard