Every like and tweet costs energy, which isn’t great for climate change. That’s why the American-Norwegian data company Kolos is building a new data center in northern Norway. Designed to be the largest in the world, it will be powered strictly by renewable energy sources and the cold climate and low humidity will help offset energy demands. Kolos partnered with architecture design firm HDR to finance and design the center.

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Data centers require huge amounts of power due to their cooling demands, so why not put one in a fjord that sits within the Arctic Circle? Kolos’ proposal will be a fortress of data, the design of which is inspired by Norway‘s spectacular landforms, mountains and glaciers.

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Kolos says the new facility will rely mostly on wind and hydroelectricity harvested from the surrounding waterways to meet its energy needs, reducing energy costs by 60 percent. The project will provide a record-breaking 1,000 MW of power and about 2000 to 3000 new jobs.

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