We’ve explored the joys of recycled robots before, but never any quite as elephantine as, well… this giant elephant. Built in France as part of the Machines of the Isle of Nantes, an art and culture show full of dream and fantasy, the 12 meter high x 8 meter wide mechanical elephant was cobbled together using 45 tons of reclaimed wood and steel. Talk about a memorable green ride… get it? Because elephants have good memories… nevermind, just read on for more details about this amazing robotic beast.

Inspired by the Sultan’s Elephant, an interactive show featuring a mechanized elephant, the massive robot looks surprisingly lifelike aside from a few nuts and bolts and some joints at the trunk and legs showing. Dubbed the “Great Elephant,” it can carry up to 49 passengers at a time on a 45-minute walk – pretty impressive.

We’re not sure if the elephant uses gas or not (though it seems to be emitting some kind of smoke from its trunk?), but if it were to switch over to electric, it might be the future of green transportation. Imagine making your morning commute down Broadway on the back of one of these babies?

Via Exfun