The blazing Sahara sun may power homes a world away by 2018. The people behind a new $13 million project called TuNur farm propose to build a massive 100-square-kilometer solar farm in Tunisia. The farm would then connect directly to the UK, pumping energy through a 280-mile-long underwater cable.

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The mega solar farm would be made up of thousands of mirrors, each controlled by computer to optimally reflect the sun. The mirrors would point toward a central tower filled with salt and water, which would heat up to create steam that would power a giant turbine. The energy generated would then be diverted to a substation in Rome before making its final journey to the UK.

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Experts at Nur Energie estimate that this long distance project could power a whopping 2.5 million homes in England with clean energy. Although the site is far from its intended market, Nur Energie has already identified a remote section of the desert for the project, as well as potential investors.

The British government is currently looking to grant government subsidies for projects like TuNur, especially for those projects outside the UK designed to generate clean energy for British consumption. The UK Department for Energy and Climate Change anticipates plenty of competition for exciting new green energy projects and proposals over the next few years.

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Via The Independent