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Lovitch has been making his sweet architectural treats in his Bronx apartment since February, using over 2,200 pounds of icing, 400 pounds of candy and 400 pounds of gingerbread dough. In the past few days, Lovitch ferried 160 pieces of the sugary village over in the trunk of his car, making a total of 12 trips. When Inhabitat spoke with Lovitch, he way still putting the final touches on the base of the gingerbread village.

“Everything sitting on top is 110-percent real – no cardboard, no wood, and no Styrofoam,” Lovitch explained. “It’s all gingerbread, icing and candy.“

Lovitch says he’s been making gingerbread houses as an art for 19 years, and this is the 20th winter season he has put together a display. Lovitch’s work has been in Washington DC, Pittsburgh and Kansas City, and Gingerbread Lane marks the second time Lovitch has come back to New York since 2001. According to the gingerbread expert, the display is 40 feet larger than the one he created last year.

“Right about the time you’ve completely forgotten about Christmas, I think about the next one,” Lovitch told us. “I’m already starting to have conversations about 2014.”

Gingerbread Lane will be on display at NYSCI until January 12, after which Lovitch will be giving away pieces as he takes the display down. The NYSCI is also holding workshops from December 7th to 28th that will teach kids and adults how to make their own gingerbread houses and take them home.

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