They say it’s a picture that paints a thousand words. But if you look at a picture of the colorful cutting board and bowl from Material Kitchen, you won’t know most of the story. What you won’t see is the cutting board and bowl are entirely made from kitchen plastic scraps and renewable sugarcane.

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Various colors of cutting board: light blue, dark green, dark blue, mustard yellow, peach, and a brown one laying flat

Material Kitchen is a kitchenware brand that makes items for the modern, everyday chef. Whether you’re a skilled cook or just an amateur, these items are easy to use and practical. The sensible, but beautiful design, the warm colors, the clean lines of good style, it’s all here. What’s not there is harmful BPA and all that other junk that you really don’t want in your kitchen.

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A yellow cutting board from Material Kitchen filled with vegetables on top of it and a knife laid on the side

Their products are made to be sensible, durable and beautiful. The reBoard and the reBowl are both BPA-free and 100% upcycled. They are also dishwasher safe.

Three bowls, peach, blue and yellow filled with fruits

Additionally, sugarcane is completely renewable. It’s becoming widely used in manufacturing of all types. Sugarcane grows quickly and easily. And no virgin plastics were used in either of these items.

A blue bowl against a blue background filled with flowers and oranges

Plastic has become a huge environmental problem. Products like the reBoard and reBowl are re-purposing used plastic that would otherwise end up filling up landfills or floating in the ocean.

A yellow bowl holding a giant plant inside of it with various fruits outside of it

Therefore, sustainability is the way of the future. It’s really the only way that a future is possible. It is possible to save the planet, reverse the damage and build a brighter tomorrow.

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Images via Material Kitchen