Here’s another charming idea from Materious Design: the Cubby.

Reminiscent of kindergarten cubbies, the Cubby coat hook puts an adult spin on kid-friendly storage. Instead of hanging your coat on a sharp pointy hook, the Cubby provides a secure and �collar-friendly� support for all types of coats, scarves, and purses; while offering storage for small the items we reach for everyday when leaving the house including wallets, keys, sunglasses, and change. The Cubby comes in a variety of colors and can be attached to the wall in a linear cubby fashion or completely at random.

+ Cubby Coat Hook

Materious Design is composed of Chicago design duo Stephanie Munson and Bruce M. Tharp. Their designs will be on display in New York this month, at the eagerly anticipated Haute Green show in Brooklyn, May 20-23rd.