Designer Mathieu Lehanneur’s gorgeous custom chandelier, Les Cordes, designed for a chateau in Marseilles, brings the traditional light fixture into the future. The modern LED piece droops with curls of soft illuminated rope that hang from the ceiling. The French designer reinterpreted the crystal chandelier to mesh modernity with the historic home.

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Built in the eighteenth century in the south of France, the gorgeous Château Borély itself served as inspiration for Lehanneur’s light installation. The modern squiggles burst forth from the ornate interior, giving a contrast to the overly opulent décor of the restored château that now houses the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, de la Faïence et de la Mode.

Strips of energy efficient LEDs rip through the underside of a mezzanine that overlooks the main entrance hall of the château. Giving the feeling of a rope of light weaving its way across the ceiling, Lehanneur’s piece abandons the traditional decorative nature of a chandelier, replacing the prismatic glamour of crystal and brass with light itself. Les Cordes is simplistically a design not of light fixture, but of pure light, beautifully contained in the rope swirls that hang above the antique tiled entryway. The illuminated furls seem to breathe a life of their own as they glow amongst the traditional château interior.

The free spirit of the LED lighting tubes was inspired by the château’s history, which was used as a light and energetic country house that hosted holiday celebrations for the Borély family in the late 1700s.

+ Mathieu Lehanneur

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