Drumroll please…….
We are happy to announce that after much anticipation on the part of Inhabitat readers, Richart Lawson’s in-demand 9Volt Battery LED Lamp has finally gone into mass production, and is available for purchase. When we first debuted this cleverly cute little Battery Lamp – which works by simply popping the tiny lamp on any 9-volt you have lying around the house – we were inundated with requests to purchase the design; we even had several people tell us they would like to manufacture the light themselves. We are happy to say that now, if you want the clever little lamp, you can simply purchase it at Mathmos.co.uk!

When the 9-Volt lamp first made its appearance on Inhabitat, it was then called the 9Vo(l)tive. The 9Volt puts those extra 9-Volt batteries to use, in something other than your smoke detector, as an environmentally friendly LED light who’s ambiance represents that of nice candlelight. Better than a candle, this light can go everywhere with you and illuminates with just a flick of the wrist- the built-in tilt switch turns the light on when standing vertically and is turned off when lying horizontal. While the website is currently showing three different colors, the 9Volt is currently only available in white and red, but they are running a special offering 5 for the price of 4. Both lights appear the same when in the off position, so make sure you stand them on end and grab the right one before you go.

Thanks Alex for the tip.

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