Actor and co-founder of Matt Damon won’t let a good opportunity to raise awareness of clean water down the tubes. To draw attention to the 2.5 billion people who do not have access to proper sanitation, Damon will boycott the toilet and embark on a YouTube campaign enlisting the help of other celebrities. Introducing his plan in a faux press conference yesterday, the activist hopes that his videos will go viral and inspire viewers to donate $25 to his cause.

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“November 19 was World Toilet Day, how did you celebrate?” asks Matt Damon of a room full of ‘journalists’ in his latest YouTube video. He goes on to explain to his flummoxed audience that the toilet stands as one of the greatest inventions of all time to contribute to human health. He points out that worldwide more people have access to cell phones than toilets, and for a small donation to his organization, you can provide someone with clean water for life. So, until everyone has a clean place to relieve themselves, Damon will not go to the bathroom. When asked whether that meant not physically traveling to a porcelain palace or not releasing waste at all, he replies, “You’re the reporter. You do the math.”

Damon has already appeared in clips that ShayCarl, Wheezy Waiter, Lisbug, and Live Prude Girls have created to lend their voices to his campaign. Stay tuned for more cameos on Epic Lloyd, Smosh, Stan Lee, and John Elerick’s channels. Damon hopes to turn enough heads by World Water Day March 22 so that he can finally grace the sewer system with his presence. Until then, it’s good old fashioned willpower and determination when he is asked to answer the call of nature. How do you like them apples?