It’s been a few months since we checked in on Matt Gagnon, one of our favorite designers out of Brooklyn’s innovation hotbed. A quick scan revealed a fresh new design we hadn’t seen before: the Nomad lounger is a magnetized mobile seating unit that can be configured in several different ways and used inside or out. Indoors, the lounger comes with cushions, but we’re most fond of the outdoor version — with grass. The best part about the nomad is that it is mobile and can be arranged into a whole host of configurations (lounge chair, sofa, single chair, etc)

Matt Gagnon Nomad, Grass Chaise Lounge, Sustainable design, green design, brooklyn, grass lounger, modular seating, modular portable loungerImages copyright Amy Eckhart

This is what Matt had to say about his Nomad:

“The idea came when I was living in downtown LA in a loft. The whole building would get together to BBQ on the roof and we would carry all the necessary chairs and such up. I wanted to build a lawn on the roof that could come apart and serve as seating for these parties. I was longing for my own piece of garden in a city full of backyard gardens. I wanted a piece of earth to lay down on.”

Matt Gagnon is the creator of the ultra-original Paper Table and the mind behind a New York loft renovation that may be the best merger we’ve seen of ecological thinking and inspired interior design. The Nomad remains a prototype until the right client comes along. So who out there wants to help bring this piece to grassless rooftops everywhere?

+ Matt Gagnon Studio