Riding a bicycle is normally a healthy alternative to driving a gas-guzzling vehicle. But in places like Beijing where air pollution is hitting record levels, keeping yourself separated from the deadly atmosphere is important for your health. Artist Matt Hope has created an ingenious pedal-powered air filtration system that provides clean air to the rider as it moves. Using an IKEA perforated garbage can, moped helmet, fighter-pilot breathing mask, wheel-powered generator, and home air filtration system, the entire contraption uses human energy to clear the air.

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In a city so polluted that entrepreneurs are selling canned air, residents are compelled to find their own solutions to maintain healthy lungs. Many wear filtration masks, but as Matt Hope points out, it still makes it difficult to breathe especially when wheeling around. His solution was to hook up a hose and Chinese fighter pilot breathing mask via a helmet to a self-designed air filtration system.

The rotation of the bicycle’s wheels operates an electric generator that sucks in air through an IKEA garbage can, cleans it through a home purification system, and deposits the sooty particles towards the back of the contraption. The main flaw of the “Breathing Bike” is that the generator can produce up to 5,000 volts and potentially electrocute the rider in the rain. However, the device is still one of the most creative solutions we have seen to combat the smog.

+ Matt Hope

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Images via screen shots from COOL SPARKS