Tech lovers have already been 3D printing everything from ornaments to their own faces with small desktop 3D printers. But now the technology is even more accessible, as low-cost 3D scanners make their way to the market. MakerBot says it has a 3D scanner in the works, but Canadian company Matterform is beating them to the punch, already offering consumers the lightweight Photon 3D scanner at a price that’s cheaper than a tablet.

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Although not available until August, Matterform has been busy hyping up the Photon scanner with its Indiegogo campaign. The lightweight device is small enough to fit on a desktop, powerful enough to scan a 3D object quickly and easily, and it’s priced at just $399. Using lasers, the Photon can scan in high resolution, then transfer the data to either a file to be manipulated, or directly to a 3D printer. With a Photon and 3D printer on your desk, work life is propelled into the future, with an actual replicating system at your fingertips.

The Photon’s machinery doesn’t take up much space, and it is easily storable, folding up into a thin case so that it can be transported to another work station easily. Early backers can snag a Photon as early as July, but those who miss the boat will have a chance to buy a scanner once they are widely distributed in August.

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