If you’re in the market for a mattress that is sustainable, beautiful and functional, the new FlexDrive from Essentia ticks off all those boxes. Not only is it made from the world’s only natural memory foam (which contains no petroleum), but it’s also biodegradable and wirelessly adjustable with a full range of motion (leg, knee, back and head).

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While most memory foam is made from petroleum, Essentia’s is made from rubber tree sap with added organic essential oils, plant extracts and water to give it a luxurious, cushy feel. The mattresses are also allergen-free, durable (with a 20 year warranty) and 80% more breathable than conventional memory foam. It also comes with an organic cotton cover.

The FlexDrive’s adjustable nature makes it comfy, but it can also improve health. If you suffer from acid reflux, heartburn or bad circulation, changing positions with the FlexDrive might be your solution.

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