It looks as though LEED, the leading measure of green building standards in the US, is already having problems keeping up with the new building technologies related to sustainable design. Original press releases regarding Thom Mayne’s Federal Building had the building slated at a minimum of LEED Silver, with more than 70 percent of the structure cooled through natural ventilation. Even with consultants on hand from the Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory laying out detailed computer simulations of the interior environment, the Federal Building does not base qualifications for LEED Certification.

The building has already won multiple awards for its energy efficient design, but the short comings within the LEED program’s point system has no way of currently accounting for the systems that are in place in the Federal Building. Mayne believes that LEED could react better to the changing technologies by giving performance requirements, instead of tacking on green-architecture through a series of points. “A bike rack and air conditioning get you the same point. I’d much rather see BTU and CO2 requirements and let the professional community solve the problem.”

The United States Green Building Council responds by saying that LEED is a work-in-progress, and has confirmed that they will be reevaluating the Federal Building.

Via: Curbed SF