There no question that market interest for electric vehicles is on the rise, and every smart car manufacturer knows that the time to jump on the EV bandwagon is now. Next year, Mazda will finally make its mark on the electric vehicle market with their brand new Demio plug-in. Also known as the Mazda2, the car is set to launch in Japan in the spring of 2012 and will be aimed at government organizations and corporate fleet customers.

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The new Demio is anticipated to have a range of 120 miles per charge thanks to a lithium-ion battery pack developed by a company Mazda has yet to disclose. Mazda is also being tight-lipped with respect to the price and production volume, however, the company’s CEO Takashi Yamanouchi did relay this statement, “We think time will be needed for electric vehicles to become widespread, but there is a definite need for short-range commuters.” Yamanouchi also expects that EVs will account for five percent of the market by 2020.

While Mazda is a little behind on the game — especially compared to companies such as Nissan, GM and even more obscure car makers such as BYD who already boast fleets roaming across global city street — we certainly can’t wait to see what the response will be for this already-established consumer favorite.


Every day we see the political, environmental and social turmoil associated with oil. The shift towards electric vehicles by major auto manufacturers gives us hope that overall trends towards clean energy will continue to permeate the public realm at a consumer level.

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