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The crowning feature of this particular McDonalds is the lush green roof that provides an all-natural aesthetic, and camouflages the building amongst the naturally occurring vegetation on its outskirts. It’s not just pretty though, since the Elmich green roof protects the rooftop’s skin and waterproofing from extreme UV exposure.

VersiDrain® 25P water retention and drainage trays store enough water to provide nutrition for plants in drier periods, and drain any excess rainwater that can’t be used. This reduces the need for frequent irrigation and promotes healthy plant growth on the roof.

Additional benefits of this green roof include a significantly lower ambient temperature and a much cooler interior even when the exterior walls are subjected to intense sunlight. This saves on energy consumption by reducing air-conditioning needs as well as mitigating the Urban Heat Island Effect (UHIE).

Apart from the sustainable roof, plants encircle the restaurant to create a welcoming atmosphere for diners. This natural cover creates a seamless transition from restaurant to surrounding environment, while also giving customers a cool and shaded place to eat. Some subtle design touches include deck edges that have been staggered to create dining clusters in a fluid and organic layout. Outside the restrooms, there is a thick army of bamboo trees that provide privacy while maintaining the nature-centric theme that governs the entire project.


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Images by Ong&Ong