As we all worry how to stay warm and cozy this winter, Italian design firm MCZ has created the perfect eco-stove that can not only bake our favorite holiday treats, but is stylish enough to serve as a signature design piece in any home! Made of 90% recyclable material (that’s a record in the stove world!), this pellet stove is more than deserving of its recent internationally recognized IF Product Design Award for high quality and innovation.

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The Toba eco-stove is unique in both its design and material. Foregoing front air outlets, it is unlike any product of its kind. A minimalist ceramic front is seamlessly smooth and prominently features the central combustion chamber, rather than hiding it as traditional models do. With this modern design the growing flame becomes an important visual design element.

The stove is also equipped with a remote control thermostat, allowing owners to program on and off times, set a desired temperature and manage power use and ventilation.


Via Dezeen