Located in the northern area of the capital, the apartment was converted from what remained of an old stable.  The large patio sheds plenty of natural light into the interiors and the stable ceilings are high, so the architects could build the structure without blocking the sun. Sheltering the main bedroom, closet and bathroom, the elevated tree house rests on a thick wood-clad column right in the middle of the open-plan living room.

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The new spaces can be reached through a staircase on a side, which also leads to a raised walkway that runs around the perimeter of the space. Made from black metal, the raised structure is very rigid. But its also slightly inclined ‘because it’s much more friendly than just having a vertical pillar.’ explained the architect.

Watch the video above to hear architect Massimo d’Alessandro explain the project.

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Via OOTD Magazine and Dezeen

Lead image via Dezeen Youtube, images via MdAA