One good way to move toward sustainable living is to own less stuff. That’s why we’re excited about Mebel Furniture’s clever multi-purpose Lublin Pivot Table. This two-piece table swivels on an axis to offer multiple configurations. It’s a combined coffee table and low work surface, complete with a hidden drawer and cubbyhole to stash your things.

Mebel is a partnership between brothers-in-law, Jacek Ostoya, a trained architect, and Peter Brayshaw, a woodworker and artist. The pair combine a passion for clean modern lines with superior craftsmanship in natural wood. We love the durability and beauty of their solid wood construction and the fact that all of Mebel’s pieces use sustainably harvested lumber, but it does cost a pretty penny. The Lublin Pivot Table sells for $2,995.00, and is available online through 2Modern. Additional retailers are listed on the Mebel Furniture website.

+ $2995 from 2Modern