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The 38,000 m2 facility would offer quiet space for those who want to read or research as well as for larger public functions. Inside, visitors could make use of not only the library but also a theatre complex, reading rooms, conference facilities, book stores, exhibition space, an open air theatre, a public plaza and outdoor space, and a sedum moss green roof. The expansive garden deck at the center of the design would be elevated from the street level to act as a buffer zone between the inner garden and the urban fabric of the site.

The potted plants that line the building will provide shade to cool the interior of the library and cut down on electricity. Inside the shaded garden, city dwellers will be able to escape the bustle of the business district and curl up with a book or just meet with friends. In addition to the outdoor reading room the library will have a playground and a central multifunctional space connected to a large children’s theatre with flexible indoor and outdoor seating.

The giant three-dimensional gardenwas designed in collaboration with Taipei-based Artech Architects and recently snagged the team second place in the open design competition.

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