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Medis Technologies recently revealed working units of the 24-7 Power Pack, the world’s first portable fuel cell charger. The pint-sized powerhouse uses “liquid borohydride technology” to give an ipod an extra 60-80 hours of life. Best of all, the Power Pack is recyclable and contains no environmentally hazardous chemicals.

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Although today’s gadgets rarely rely on disposable alkaline batteries, their rechargeable lithium counterparts are subject to draining their charge at the worst possible moment. Who hasn’t hit the road only to wind up with a bricked cell phone or laptop because they forgot to bring a wall wart?

The Medis Power pack aims to solve these energy woes with a portable power solution that uses fuel cell technology. The kit comes with a charger, adapters, and a fuel cell composed of recyclable PET. Once the cell is used, it can be recycled by shipping it to one of Medis’ authorized recycling centers. Best Buy recently picked up the Power Pack for its online store, where it will soon be available for about $40.

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