SLOFLO World, a women-owned and operated company based in Mississauga, Canada, built a brand synonymous with sustainable and ethical yoga and mindfulness products. With a deep commitment to wellness for self, others and the environment, SLOFLO World offers a range of items that promote conscious living and provide a positive impact on our planet. 

A tan circular cushion on top of a square cushion

Eco-friendly materials

One of the key features of SLOFLO World’s products is the use of locally-sourced biodegradable materials. The charcoal meditation set, including cushions and bolsters, is made from raw cotton and buckwheat hulls, offering comfort and support during meditation sessions. By utilizing these renewable resources, SLOFLO World reduces reliance on non-biodegradable materials and contributes to a healthier environment.

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Sustainable storage solutions

In addition to their meditation sets, SLOFLO World partners with Mache to offer tubular storage solutions that keep yoga mats clean, organized and ready for use. These storage tubes are made from sustainable and non-toxic materials such as water-resistant recycled wood fiber pulp and eco-chic Kraft paper. These materials ensure their storage solutions protect against wear and tear, extending the lifespan of yoga mats while minimizing waste.

A circular green cushion on top of a square cushion

Ethical and Social Responsibility

SLOFLO World’s commitment to ethical practices is evident throughout their operations. They employ local women at fair wages, fostering an environment built on respect and kindness. The company also sources products, such as yoga rugs, mats and cork products, from like-minded companies that prioritize fair trade and ethical production. Furthermore, SLOFLO World donates a portion of their sales to various nonprofit organizations and supports community yoga classes and workshops.

Zero waste policy

Sustainability is at the core of SLOFLO World’s philosophy. They endorse a zero waste policy by repurposing resources and reusing their own scraps in innovative ways. Their Scraps Collection and affirmation hearts showcase their commitment to minimizing waste. Additionally, SLOFLO World employs locally-grown, organic resources like buckwheat hulls, lavender buds and lemongrass, further reducing their environmental footprint. By reclaiming forgotten materials such as end-of-rolls fabric, fallen trees and driftwood, they breathe new life into otherwise discarded resources.

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Making a positive impact

SLOFLO World’s dedication to sustainability extends beyond their products. They plant trees through Tree-Nation with every sale, contributing to reforestation efforts. Additionally, they support various nonprofit organizations focused on social causes such as education, health and environmental conservation. By aligning their business practices with their mission, SLOFLO World aims to create a positive impact on the community and the planet.

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SLOFLO World stands out for its sustainability efforts in the yoga and mindfulness industry. Through their thoughtfully crafted products, they embody their vision of holistic wellness, sustainability and social responsibility. By utilizing biodegradable materials, promoting ethical practices and embracing a zero waste policy, SLOFLO World sets an example for conscious living. 

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