Adam Sobel is a man with a mission: since 2010, he’s been roaming the streets of New York City with his food truck, the Cinnamon Snail, sharing mouthwatering vegan food on the street and growing a new audience for delicious, plant-based food. Our family and parenting site, Inhabitots, had the opportunity to interview him recently about his experiences as a chef and his cookbook. The interview is also chock full of delicious-looking recipes for things like Fried Onion Blintzes and Apple Sauce. Nom Nom. Here’s a peak: 

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Inhabitots: Has your clientele changed over the years? Did it take people a while to warm up to the concept of vegan street food? How do you entice non-vegans or non-vegetarians to give Cinnamon Snail a try?

Sobel: I think when people see a line down the block and see a big display case full of extra tempting donuts and pastries, people just get really excited, whether they realize the food is vegan or not.  A lot has changed over the last six to seven years that we have been in operation. More and more mainstream people are experimenting with meatless Mondays, or eating more plant-based food as a part of their varied diet.  There is a lot less of a cultural stigma against vegan cuisine now than there was when we started. I like to think we had some small hand in helping shape the mainstream culture’s idea of vegan food, but maybe that’s taking it too far.

For more of the interview (and a few signature mouth-watering recipes you can prepare at home), follow the link below.


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