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Thanks to the many plant-loving MEG users out in cyberspace, struggling plant owners and expert gardeners can socially connectwith each other in order to experiment with and develop plant cultivation knowledge. Although the collaborative system is an important component of the MEG system, its core function is to serve as a fully-automated indoor greenhouse.

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For serious gardeners who either lack that ever-so-coveted green thumb, or for those who just don’t have sufficient outdoor green space, MEG is great option. The automated greenhouse lets you control all the key parameters recommended for plant growth such as light cycles, ventilation, temperature, irrigation, soil pH, etc. Additionally, an MEG capsule is installed with a custom-designed spectrum-tunable LED Lighting Engine.

According to the MEG team, the vision behind theinnovative project is to “combine under one platform the most innovative micro-growing technology with open-source knowledge and information, thus aiming to improve our consciousness of Nature – through what we love to call Growing Automation.”


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