RAFFAUF has been making ethically produced clothing for 30 years, staying ahead of the curve and conscious of the environmental issues affecting the world. Its newest collection proves that fashion can be sustainable and beautiful at the same time … and these products are made from something that’s usually thrown away.

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The newest collection from RAFFAUF uses grain waste materials to create a special coating for clothing. This makes items water-resistant. But how can grain waste products that are normally thrown away turn into something like this? Grain is separated from the husk before it is processed. Once bran and oils are taken out of the husk, you’re left with a wax-like material that is mostly just thrown away. After all, the good stuff is gone. Or is it?

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In its raw state, this waxy stuff left behind is hardly usable. But once it is heated for many hours, it melts and becomes a liquid. When the resulting liquid is mixed with other ingredients, it can be applied to fabric without leaving stains while providing water-resistant strength. Best of all, this waste product is not used by the food industry at all. As designer Caroline Raffauf explained in a press release about the new clothing line, “The textile coating adds value without competing with food.”

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The coating, when finished, is 90% recycled waste from grain processing. The coating is resistant to water and water-based liquids, such as fruit juices. The new line from RAFFAUF utilizes this coating on linen to create a functional and stylish future for sustainable fashion.

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RAFFAUF is based in Berlin and specializes in making eco-friendly clothing and accessories. In the past, this company has used recycled PET bottles in its products and designed clothing coatings out of beeswax. Even the style itself is meant to be sustainable, with designs that are more timeless than they are trendy so every item can be worn for many years.


Photography by David Kavaler / RAFFAUF

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