Last July, Australia’s Victoria state legislation, home to Melbourne, announced legislation to put a levy of 10 cents on every giveaway plastic bag given at supermarkets. The move was seen as a necessary step to curb the ammount of plastic bags going into landfill, and follows the actions of several small towns in Victoria and in other parts of the country.

Australians currently use about 6 billion plastic bags a year, with an average use of about 16 bags per person per week and while huge inroads had been made by supermarkets to decrease the use of plastic bags (the first question that you get asked by a cashier is whether or not you brought your own bag) this legislation has been seen as being the first of similar legislation around the country. Indeed, this move is expected to push other states, such as the country’s most populated state, New South Wales and South Australia, home of Adelaide, where according to recent polls, 9 out of 10 people were in favor of banning them. (image by Kelly B)

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