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Broadway House, Marcus O'Reilly Architects, green renovation, louvered shade screen, sun screen, shade screen

The owners of the Broadway House wanted to expand their living, kitchen and dining zones. Marcus O’Reilly Architects addressed these needs by building a new open floor plan pavilion in the back of the home with a new staircase to the upstairs and an upper deck. The exterior is clad in copper and features floor-to-ceiling windows on the lower floor, which let in plenty of natural daylight.

The back of the home faces the west, so in the afternoon it gets blasted with the sun and becomes overheated. To counter this effect, Marcus O’Reilly Architects designed a louvered shade screen to block the sun. The slats are colored in warm tones of red, orange, yellow and white. Some are wood and some are frosted glass, which still lets light filter through and adds a lovely warm afternoon glow through the louvres. The screen also provides privacy from the neighbor’s garden.

Via Design Milk

Images ©Marcus O’Reilly Architects