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One Hot Yoga is located in the South Yarra neighborhood to the southeast of Melbourne and offers Slow Hot Flow yoga. The chic studio has two yoga rooms designed by Rob Mills Architect that radiate a sense of calm but are also quite modern. One of the rooms is heated to 37 deg C (98.6 F), which is core body temperature, in an effort to increase metabolism, sweat out toxins and increase heart rate without putting too much strain on the body. The other room is cooler and only heated to 27 C (80.6 F) with classes that focus more on practice and less on the heat.

Located in a neighborhood surrounded by residential apartments, the studio is an oasis and retreat from fast paced lives. A large street-facing and glass-lit foyer greets students as they enter and serves as a space for conversation and connection as well as a place to check in and fill up water bottles. The studio also offers changing rooms and a massage area. Both rooms are long and slender and decor is kept to a minimum to focus on the practice.

To maintain the heat efficiently, the studios feature heating ventilation systems that allow a full volume of fresh air every hour while retaining 90% of the heat generated. Hot yoga rooms can get stuffy from all the exertion, so fresh air is important, but it’s also great to keep in all that heat. When we asked the designers to give us more details about the system, they told us, “It is the only studio in Australia to have this technology. That is really all we can say without giving away our secret recipe!”

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