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MenoMenoPiu Architects’ design for the EauBERGE Paris Capsule Hotel was inspired by the structure and shapes of the bookseller huts along the Paris riverfront as well as the space-efficient capsule hotels in Japan. As a result, the conceptual hotel design is made up of a series of tiny, elevated and angular rooms created with a simple silhouette to minimize their visual impact. Each hotel room offers minimal furnishings and offers just enough room to fit one bed or double bed. The bathroom is attached as a separate unit.

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“Just like the other European capitals such as Rome, Venice, or Barcelona, Paris risks to become a city museum,” write MenoMenoPiu Architects. “The increase of tourists in the French Capital causes panic and also leads to a gradual decentralization from the Parisians.” By building short-term housing along the Seine riverbanks, however, the architects hope to slow that process of decentralization. A secure corridor along the riverbank provides users and staff with private access to the hotel rooms.

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