We have covered a lot of bizarre hybrid vehicles here at Inhabitat, such as the VW Tank, however this ranks amongst the most intriguing and (for the local population) useful. While traveling in Boliva, travelers Mike Powell and Juergen Horn came across a unique piece of public transport – the Mercedes-Benz Bus-Train. The converted Mercedes-Benz bus has been adapted for rail travel and serves the population who don’t have their own vehicles.

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Providing travel between Sucre and Potosi, the Bus-Train is cheaper than taxis and buses with tickets at $3.50 and provides a beautiful view of the local scenery. Considering that the trip to Potosi includes a 4,000-foot ascent, it is safe to assume the Bus-Train has a powerful engine to get travelers to their destination. Considering the route is also prone to mudslides and lax maintenance, it is also safe to assume that all travelers must be incredibly brave.

Click here to see the Bus-Train in action and click here to read Powell and Horn’s extensive blog.

Via Wired

Photos and video: Mike Powell and Juergen Horn