In the next few years self-driving cars will finally become a reality, and while several automakers have revealed prototypes with autonomous technology, Mercedes-Benz is taking it a step further. Daimler, the parent company of Mercedes-Benz has announced plans to launch a self-driving semi truck on the market by 2025. They’re calling it the Mercedes-Benz Future Truck, and it could make freight distribution safer and more efficient while lowing fuel consumption.

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When Mercedes-Benz’ autonomous truck hits the market it will free truck drivers from the mundane task of driving. Instead they will become “transport managers” who will sit in a mobile workplace. The Future Truck uses four radar sensors and two cameras to feed information to the truck systems for adaptive cruise control, automatic braking, stability control and lane-keeping assistance.

As of right now the truck can drive itself at speeds up to 55 mph, but it will be a bit longer until the technology is ready to give the truck the ability to change lanes on its own. The Future Truck recently completed a drive on a section of the A14 autobahn near Magdeburg, Germany, where the truck drove at speeds up to 50 mph in front of the media, government officials and investors.

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“Autonomous driving will revolutionize road freight transport and create major benefits for everyone involved,” stated Dr. Wolfgang Bernhard, the member of Daimler’s Board of Management responsible for Daimler Trucks and Buses. “With the Future Truck 2025, Daimler Trucks is once again highlighting its pioneering role in innovative technologies and opening up a new era in truck transport.”

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