Invisible cars are no longer reserved for the likes of James Bond! In order to promote their new F-Cell Hydrogen Electric car, Mercedes-Benz has transformed one of their F-Cell vehicles into an awe-inspiring zero emission vehicle that is almost undetectable to the naked eye. So how did they do it?

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As a physical demonstration of the ‘invisible impact’ of the vehicle, it is certainly is an eye-catching publicity stunt. It was achieved by Mercedes placing hundreds of individual LEDs across one side of the vehicle, and a Canon 5D Mark II camera was then mounted on the opposite side. What the camera ‘saw’ was then projected on the opposite side, creating a real-time ‘invisible’ cloaking device effect.

As you can see, audiences loved the trick, and it allowed the F-Cell car to make its impact on the general public. The F-Cell works by converting compressed hydrogen into electricity to deliver a range of up to 240 miles (the equivalent of nearly 90 highway mpg). What is even more amazing is that water vapor is the only emission it produces.

Mercedes hope that the F-Cell will bring forth “a future of mobility that’s unconstrained by range anxiety, nonrenewable fuels or worrisome emissions.”

Click here to see the car in action.

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Via The Verge