Mercedes has been using a fleet of 36 hydrogen fuel cell buses in Hamburg, Germany, to improve fuel cell technology for its passenger cars. Now those test buses have logged an amazing 2 million emission-free kilometers! And even better than that, in the process of testing the buses, Mercedes has made improvements to the technology, allowing it to reduce the number of hydrogen tanks onboard from 9 to 7 while still improving performance and efficiency. In fact, these giant buses can now drive 155 miles on one fill-up of hydrogen, with a few miles of battery power left to get them home after they run out.

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Compare that to the diesel-belching buses we’re familiar with in the U.S., and the implications for future cars becomes more apparent. These fuel cell buses are traveling with zero emissions, because they have replaced their diesel engines with clean hydrogen fuel cells. That means absolutely no emissions to scent your downtown with eau du diesel. No word yet on whether Mercedes plans to bring these buses to the U.S., but if they do come State-side you can expect to see them in the Bay area of California first.

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