Mercedes recently rolled out some extraordinary news, announcing that it intends to transition its entire lineup of luxury automobiles to alternative fuels by 2015. The development underscores an industry trend of major auto manufacturers pushing the alternative energy envelope, and we’re excited to see Mercedes mobilize its cache of high class-cred in such a dedicated step towards sustainable transportation.

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Mercedes-Benz’ Sustainable Mobility program takes a tripartite approach towards an eco-friendly goal: “First, make the combustion engine as green as possible. Second, promote the development of high quality and alternative fuels. And finally, perfect the fuel cell for zero emission driving.”

The Sun reports that Mercedes plans to invest £7 billion into these technologies before 2014, and quotes advanced engineering head Dr. Herbert Kohle as stating that by 2015 motorists will have switched almost completely to alternative fuel cars.

Already Mercedes has taken steps towards developing the technologies necessary for a petroleum-free fleet of vehicles. New A and B class models feature a start-stop feature that cuts the engine while stopped at a red light for a 9% increased fuel efficiency rating, and they have announced a “BlueTec” smart diesel for the UK that boasts an 80% reduction in emissions.

In the future the company will focus upon developing hybrids, emission-free electric vehicles, and hydrogen fuel cell engines, beginning with a Smart electric car that is fuel and emission free.

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