Meridian 105 Architecture submitted this proposal to the City of Sacramento as a concept for the redesign of Capitol Mall, the entry boulevard and view corridor to the California State Capitol building. The proposal reconsiders vehicular circulation, activates a grassed median running through the center of the street, and integrates a network of bike and pedestrian circulation connecting the mall to the cultural and historical components of the city. The project’s environmental considerations include a stormwater management plan featuring over 80% water permeable paving, a network of water treatment swales that capture excess runoff, and a rainwater collection system for irrigation. The plan extends the city’s rich urban tree canopy into the mall, preserves the existing treescape already established, and is even capped off with a man-made rainbow. The City of Sacramento has sought proposals to redesign the Capitol Mall through an open competition, hoping to establish community interest and spur momentum towards implementing the best ideas.

+ Meridian 105 Architecture